P52: Sage

Week 31

Little Miss Sage monster ♥

Brooke -

Simply stunning! Love this!

Robin -

What a pretty girl!

Melissa Stottmann -

Mmm, I love this shot. It feels like warm sometime and there is a beautiful innocence about it <3 I think it's perfect in black and white too!

Lisa -

such happiness…love this capture :)

lesley -

Check out that sly little smile~ so sweet, I love it!

Amanda -

Gorgeous image!

Marissa Gifford -

What a doll. Gorgeous image. :)

Anna -

Gorgeous and dreamy!!

Kelly -

What a cutie. Love it

JennyO -

Stunning image, I love it.

Jo Clark -

Love this Jess. These kinds of images always tug at my heart because I see the emotion and innocence of youth. Lovely…

Victoria -

What a great timeless shot! Such a cute girl! <3