“The hills were alive with wildflowers
And I was as wild, even wilder than they
For at least I could run, they just died in the sun
And I refused to just wither in place”
– Dolly Parton

Bakersfield Photographer | Jess Cadena 1
Bakersfield Photographer | Jess Cadena 2
Bakersfield Photographer | Jess Cadena 3
Bakersfield Photographer | Jess Cadena 4
Bakersfield Photographer | Jess Cadena 5
Bakersfield Photographer | Jess Cadena 6
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Bakersfield Photographer | Jess Cadena 9
Every now and then I have a creative bug that bites hard and I need the freedom to just let it flow. No rules or requirements. I loved working with you Melissa! Your free spirited, beautiful personality is exactly what I needed in front of my camera ♥


The Blaylock’s have a surprise!

Maternity Photographers Bakersfield-1
They’re adding to the family, and big sister Madison is SO excited to have a little brother ♥

Maternity Photographers Bakersfield-2
Maternity Photographers Bakersfield-3
Maternity Photographers Bakersfield-4
Sara my friend, pregnancy looks amazing on you. I’m so excited and happy for the four of you! I cannot wait to meet your little man ♥ And goodness, Maddy is going to be one heck of an awesome big sister.

Maternity Photographers Bakersfield-5
Maternity Photographers Bakersfield-6
Maternity Photographers Bakersfield-7
Maternity Photographers Bakersfield-8
Maternity Photographers Bakersfield-9


Forgive me if I get a little sappy, I’ll try not to :) I first photographed this family last year when it was just the three of them. I loved them immediately, they’re easy to talk to, flow beautifully together, and really fun to photograph.

This year she announced that they were welcoming a sweet baby girl and we marked a date for her future due date. Unfortunately, this beautiful family moved far north and I won’t be with them when baby girl is born. So we exchange new baby goodness for a summer maternity session. I wish you so much joy in welcoming your baby girl in the next few weeks!

Maternity Photographer Bakersfield-1
Maternity Photographer Bakersfield-2
Maternity Photographer Bakersfield-3
Maternity Photographer Bakersfield-4
Maternity Photographer Bakersfield-5
Maternity Photographer Bakersfield-6
Maternity Photographer Bakersfield-7
Maternity Photographer Bakersfield-8
Maternity Photographer Bakersfield-9
Maternity Photographer Bakersfield-10
Maternity Photographer Bakersfield-11
Maternity Photographer Bakersfield-12
Maternity Photographer Bakersfield-13


The first time I photographed the Norris Family was in the late summer of 2013. Only a year before this, but goodness how they’ve changed… well mostly that sweet girl of theirs ♥ Seeing these little people grow up into courageous toddlers and giggly children is probably one of my favorite things about seeing families again!

I had so much fun adventuring around, cursing the heat and exploring the wild kitty farm… I mean Hart Park with you guys. Give my BFF some lovin’ for me ♥

Family Photographer Bakersfield CA-1
Family Photographer Bakersfield CA-2
Family Photographer Bakersfield CA-3
Family Photographer Bakersfield CA-4
Family Photographer Bakersfield CA-5