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I had the sweetest, grunty little man over just a few weeks ago! He’s got Mommy, Daddy & Grandma head-over-heals!

Axel, I had such a wonderful time during your first modeling photo shoot! Cuddling you, listening to your little grunts every time you wiggled around ♥ Don’t grow up too fast okay?! But if you have to, come over again so I can make memories of your little milestones ♥

Axel-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-1P I NI M A G EAxel-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-2P I NI M A G EAxel-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-3P I NI M A G EAxel-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-4P I NI M A G EAxel-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-5P I NI M A G E

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While visiting in California this summer, Taniva booked a session for her, her fiancé, & her two beautiful girls. I think most of my time shooting was spent giggling over the littlest lady’s personality! She would sneak up on me, run off giggling, then she and her sister made beautiful little bouquets. I’d say it’s good practice for the Taniva & Ryan’s wedding :)

Bakersfield-Family-Photographer-Taniva-B-1P I NI M A G EBakersfield-Family-Photographer-Taniva-B-2P I NI M A G EBakersfield-Family-Photographer-Taniva-B-3P I NI M A G EBakersfield-Family-Photographer-Taniva-B-4P I NI M A G E

Bakersfield-Family-Photographer-Taniva-B-5P I NI M A G E

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Have you ever wanted to play dress up for a day with your best friend in a beautiful place and just let loose? Well I have, and Sam & Cena have too! They took their friendship to an all new level of awesome when they packed up their wedding dresses in their car, drove 3 hours to Cambria & met with my husband and I for their Bridal session on the beach! We encountered super cold weather, a creepy tourist guy, and the most beautiful sunset ♥

If you ever want to do some damage in your gorgeous wedding dress on the beach, I’ll pack my bags in a heartbeat & meet you there!

Bridal-Photography-Cambria-Jess-Cadena-1P I NI M A G EBridal-Photography-Cambria-Jess-Cadena-2P I NI M A G EBridal-Photography-Cambria-Jess-Cadena-3P I NI M A G EBridal-Photography-Cambria-Jess-Cadena-4P I NI M A G EBridal-Photography-Cambria-Jess-Cadena-5P I NI M A G EBridal-Photography-Cambria-Jess-Cadena-6P I NI M A G EBridal-Photography-Cambria-Jess-Cadena-7P I NI M A G EBridal-Photography-Cambria-Jess-Cadena-8P I NI M A G EBridal-Photography-Cambria-Jess-Cadena-9P I NI M A G EBridal-Photography-Cambria-Jess-Cadena-10P I NI M A G EBridal-Photography-Cambria-Jess-Cadena-11P I NI M A G EBridal-Photography-Cambria-Jess-Cadena-12P I NI M A G EBridal-Photography-Cambria-Jess-Cadena-13P I NI M A G E

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Beautiful Paisley’s newborn session was so special for me ♥ I first photographed her family a few years ago when it was just her Mommy, Daddy & their Canine babies. Then I had the joy of seeing their family grow on Instagram, chatting with Michelle about her hopes & plans for her pregnancy, delivery & life as a mom. Mitch & Michelle brought Paisley over (who was a surprise gender! YAY!) to me when she was just about 2 weeks old. She’s the sweetest little lady! You can tell just how blessed Mitch & Michelle are and how completely in love they are with their little girl!

Paisley-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-1P I NI M A G EPaisley-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-2P I NI M A G EPaisley-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-3P I NI M A G EPaisley-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-4P I NI M A G EPaisley-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-5P I NI M A G EPaisley-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-6P I NI M A G E

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Back in April of this year, two very special people I love very much were married at the Rio Bravo Country Club here in Bakersfield, CA. For a change, I wasn’t the one behind the camera ♥ I’ve been meaning to blog this one for a while now but it is way overdue that I share the awesomeness that is Rob & Jeni’s wedding!

Jeni has been a close friend since…. well since before either of us were baby-making ;) I feel very honored to have been able to stand by her side bawling my cry-baby eyes out while she & Rob exchanged their life long vows ♥

Bakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-1P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-2P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-3P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-4P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-5P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-6P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-7P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-8P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-9P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-10P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-11P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-12P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-13P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-14P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-15P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-16P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-17P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-18P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-19P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-20P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-21P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-22P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-23P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-24P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-25P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-26P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-27P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-28P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-29P I NI M A G EBakersfield-wedding-photographer-jeni-rob-30P I NI M A G E

I have to take a moment to tell you about the amazing team of people who worked this wedding because they’re all so incredibly talented and worked so amazingly in this wedding! I mentioned that I wasn’t behind the camera for this wedding because I wasn’t… instead my favorite business and everything partner, David, teamed up with our friend Ro as photographers. Our incredibly talented friends Patrick & Tim worked behind the cameras as videographers. If you haven’t already, you NEED to jump over to Patrick’s site to see Rob & Jeni’s wedding video! Our favorite lady Amanda gave us all beautiful hair for the day & our sweet friend Ande Castaneda was our steady handed makeup artist!

Other Vendors:
DJ & Photobooths – Kevin Rush Entertainment
Rio Bravo Country Club

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