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I’m so in awe of the love between these two! I had such a wonderful time with Brennan & Tim during their maternity session. Brennan, you were absolutely stunning while expecting your sweet girl, but even more so as a new mommy!

Come back soon to meet their beautiful little girl!

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We feel so honored to photograph such a gorgeous wedding for Justin & Mallory! I could say thank you a million times over ♥ You two have been a dream from the very start in December. The little details were beautiful. Your families were the sweetest. Your wedding was absolutely perfect, thank you for including is in your day!

Justin & Mallory’s wedding was held at the KLEA Banquet Hall

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Maternity sessions are so amazingly fun, especially when you get to work with fabulous people like Amanda & Patrick!

So the original location I had picked out for this lovely couple was over run by hundreds of people for an event! Whoops. I seem to have a knack for doing that… uhm. This gorgeous spot did happen to be right where we were anyway and I love how golden the hues of the sun were with this gorgeous mommy’s eyes & freckles! Really though, one of my favorite things about these two is the love you can feel between them. ♥ You two are amazing.

That adorable little bow-tie onsie? Came from Grandpa ♥ So cute!

I mean really, she’s stunning! I cannot wait to meet your little man you guys!

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Dominick, one day in the future I hope you look back at this day and this time in your life to see how much love you and your beautiful mommy share! I’ve always known you to love her with all of your heart and no shame to let the world know! The bond that you two share is so incredible ♥ Rochelle, you’re raising quite an amazing young man. Love love LOVE him!

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