Sweet baby Alejandro, thank you for letting me cuddle you, listen to your sweet coos and enjoy your soft babyness! Your mommy and daddy’s love is so strong for you, they way they comfort you and talk to you. You’re a very lucky little guy!

Alejandro’s dad is a Mariachi Vocalist, you might have seen his cover shoot on my husband’s site. He’s pretty darn creative and wanted to mix the love of his music career with the love of his new baby. This is the results!

Little yawns and smiles!

The first contact with my clients I usually get a feel for how our sessions are going to go. Theresa, you’ve been a joy to work with from the time I answered your phone call! You have a beautiful family and I’ve had a wonderful time working with you! Wishing you many blessings again!

While you’re here, why don’t you head over to iTunes and get to downloading!


So I don’t know about you, but I love it when people I love get married! Rob & Jeni have been busy planning for months getting all the details right. You guys… their wedding is going to be gorgeous! I wish I could show you all the fun details they’ve put together! I’m so proud of them, their little family (that I hope to see grow bigger SOON) and the many new things life is going to bring their way! I’m so excited for you Jeni! I can’t wait to put on that fancy purple dress and watch you walk down the aisle next month!


Those last few days of excitement, uncertainty, and patience before you welcome your little one into your lives…. it’s euphoric. You want it to last forever but you’re so ready to meet the beautiful new life you’ve nurtured for the last 9 months ♥

Theresa and Ozzy are in those last few days now! Sometime this week (baby willing) they will meet their sweet Alejandro and know the limitless love that comes with becoming a mom and dad! I loved watching and interacting with them during their session and seeing the playful love they have for each other. Alejandro is a very blessed little guy to have you two! Wishing congratulations to you and the welcoming of a beautiful new life in your family!