Heidi | Newborn

 I have the pleasure of sharing a beautiful little lady with you today! Before I introduce her, I want to give a big shout-out to all my mommy clients! Every one of you have gotten in contact with me shortly after your little ones arrive to schedule their photo sessions. I know it’s not easy to do with so much going on during this busy time in your lives, so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! It means a lot to me!

Now, I introduce to you, the precious little Heidi! She’s such a beauty! Soft spoken coos and a love for being swaddled♥ She’s blessed to be welcomed by a very happy mom, dad and three very well-mannered older siblings! Congratulations on your growing family you guys! I will see you soon!

Chris & Mimi’s Wedding Sneak Peek!

Congratulations Chris & Mimi!

Their wedding yesterday was so absolutely beautiful, we couldn’t wait to share a few of our favorites tonight!

P52: Ready for Summer!

Week 22

As we say goodbye to Kindergarten….

We welcome Summer with open arms! This is what Bradley things of summer vacation!

He’s pretty stoked! Now I’m trying to find fun activities that will keep us cool and entertained! Anyone have fun ideas on what to do when it’s unbearably hot out here in Bakersfield?! We’d LOVE some family friendly suggestions!


I’m so excited to say that gorgeous little Mila is here! Well, she’s been here, I’m playing catch up :D Her mom & dad welcomed her into their arms earlier this month. She’s so perfect! Congratulations Amanda, Zach & Hayden. I know she’s brings lots of joy to your lives already. Thank you for having me over to capture her sweetness!

P52: Date Night Flowers

Week 21

This weekend was a rare one for us! David and I had a day & a half together kid free and we took full advantage of it. Downtown photographer meet ups, movie & dinner date night, and a Sunday concept shoot. We very rarely get to shoot together or hang out like that, sans kids. It was a dream! These flowers aren’t flowers picked for me. I’m not a flowers & candy kinda girl. They’re just the flowers in the parking lot when we went in for our movie. Nothing special, but they’ll remind me of this weekend that we were able to enjoy each others time to the fullest♥

P52: & then she smiled

Week 20

This week I had hopes for more tranquility. No smiles, no poses, just Abigail in her peaceful moods. I didn’t get what I wanted, but I still love every bit of this! This photo shows her personality, liveliness and joy and that’s exactly what I need this week♥