Week 28

I’m cheating and straying from black and white this week too! 5 months pregnant with twins, it’s getting a little harder to be as flexible and active for long shoots. I’m not as mobile, so my 5 minute mini shoots are keeping me alive and kicking ♥

My 5 minute shoot with Abigail yesterday as the sun was setting. I’m the luckiest mommy alive :)


A quick post from a HOT shoot last week! Lina braved the 107℉ weather for this mini shoot.

I’m excited to see where she will go with her modeling ♥ You’re beautiful inside & out Lina, I wish much success to your future!


Week 26

Last week we celebrated the 4th birthday of our baby girl ♥ Totally in her element here, she’s our Beach Babe!


Week 25

Once a month a group of local photographers meet up for something called The Shutter Clique. If you’re in Bakersfield or close by, look it up and join in :) I don’t always get to make the meet ups, but it is a ton of fun when I do. Great people, chit chat and it’s mostly photography related.

I met a few new people and mostly chatted with everyone, but I did get a few snaps in. I loved this one of Devin Riane and Chris Vindiola! They were great for braving the water for us all while take direction from the 30+ photogs shouting their way!