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I know I’m totally going to overload this blog post with photos from Katie’s maternity session in April! She is the sweetest thing inside & out and such a gorgeous mommy to be! Actually, I just photographed their handsome little man’s newborn session a few days ago, but first I have to share this one ;)

Katie’s maternity session was a surprise gift to her from her mom. After my morning routine of getting the kids off to school & grabbing myself another coffee, I sat down to read & catch up on my emails. I had a very special one waiting to be read from Katie’s mom. In it she explained that she wanted to surprise her daughter with this session to celebrate this special time in her life. I love surprises and her words were so so sweet ♥ Less than an hour later (& a few happy tears, gah!) we were surprising Katie.

I love so many from this session, Katie & Maxx are so adorable together. Here are a few (ha!) of my favorites from their session ♥
Katie-Bakersfield-Maternity-Photographer-1P I NI M A G EKatie-Bakersfield-Maternity-Photographer-2P I NI M A G EKatie-Bakersfield-Maternity-Photographer-3P I NI M A G EKatie-Bakersfield-Maternity-Photographer-4P I NI M A G E
So I also have to tell you about the crazy adventure we had near the end of our session! It all took place in one location, the overgrowth & trees were just a short walk from the beachy sand area. Since it wasn’t far, I thought it safe to leave some of my maternity gowns where we were to as we walked down to finish up the last of the session. Christine (Katie’s adorably sweet momma) went over to grab one of the gowns to use and found a group of teenaged boys pulling them down off their hangers, and taking off with them! I’m not sure what they planned to do with them, I mean… if they want to play dress up! ;) Christine shouted something at them and ran after them. She must have scared the piss out of them because they threw them and ran. She was able to retrieve both gowns, thank goodness! Of the nearly 5 years I’ve done this, I’ve never had anyone try to take off with any of our props or belongings. So strange. Christine is a gown saving super hero rock star!

  • Brody | Newborn Photographer Bakersfield - […] This is a special newborn session for me ♥ Katie first contacted me early in her pregnancy, in January of this year. She wanted to be sure to get her little man’s newborn session on my schedule. The session was booked, and we had several months to wait… then I received a very special email from Katie’s mom. I won’t retell the story again, but goodness. It’s super sweet. You can read more about what happened in the blog of her maternity session here. […]ReplyCancel

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These two beautiful people are expecting baby number 9! A sweet baby girl, who will be surrounded in love ♥

We ventured into a nearby wildflower field for Amber’s maternity session just before sunset. I watch this field bloom and dream of using it and finally had the chance! I love the soft warm glow that surrounds her, feels a bit like magic ♥ Goodness I’m a sucker for Daddy loving on Momma too! Baby girl will be here any day now, lots of love and congratulations to you guys!

Bakersfield-Maternity-Photographer-Amber-2P I NI M A G E

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Larry & Becky were married at JEH Ranch on beautiful spring evening in April. Their ultimate goal was to have a quick, relaxed ceremony and celebrate with their family & guests. Mission. Friggin’. Accomplished! The entire day was relaxed, easy-going and so much fun. Larry & Becky, we loved working with the two of you! Thank you for one killer amazing working experience ♥

Bakersfield Wedding Photography Jess Cadena-Weston-1P I NI M A G EBakersfield Wedding Photography Jess Cadena-Weston-2P I NI M A G EBakersfield Wedding Photography Jess Cadena-Weston-3P I NI M A G EBakersfield Wedding Photography Jess Cadena-Weston-4P I NI M A G EBakersfield Wedding Photography Jess Cadena-Weston-5P I NI M A G EBakersfield Wedding Photography Jess Cadena-Weston-6P I NI M A G E

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I can hardly believe it’s already been just over a month since this sweet girl visited me for her newborn session! Alexis, you were a perfect little model for me and I loved swaddling you up into a cute little ball of squish! I love that you prefer your mom & dad to snuggle into too, because look how precious you are wrapped in their arms ♥

Alexis-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-1P I NI M A G EAlexis-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-2P I NI M A G EAlexis-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-3P I NI M A G EAlexis-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-4P I NI M A G EAlexis-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-5P I NI M A G EAlexis-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-6P I NI M A G EAlexis-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-7P I NI M A G EAlexis-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-8P I NI M A G EAlexis-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-9P I NI M A G EAlexis-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-10P I NI M A G EAlexis-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-11P I NI M A G EAlexis-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-12P I NI M A G EAlexis-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-13P I NI M A G EAlexis-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-14P I NI M A G E

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On this Mother’s Day, I’d love to give a shout out to all the rad folks who’ve ever made another mom feel like a warrior mom. Motherhood is not always glorious and we all have bad days. Some of us have children who are… different. Who aren’t quite socially “normal”. We see your judging eyes and hear your comments, but what’s really powerful? Those glances and reassuring nods from strangers that say “you’re doing okay. You’ve got this warrior mom!” It gives us those quick pick me ups on bad days and gives me the courage to reach out when I see other warrior moms having a hard time too.

Strangers don’t have the opportunity to meet the little boy that’s so filled with love for his sister that he’d rather skip a fun time out to be home with her when she’s sick. Or the random hugs he gives that come right when you need them most. They only see the boy panicking because a stranger touched his shoulder to tell him something. They broke his bubble and he’s freaking out. He’s being rude. That’s what they think, but they just don’t know. They don’t know that it breaks me a little bit each time this happens. But somehow, you do and you give me that look that says it’s okay. Thanks for that. Really. Thank you.

Jess Cadena Photography Warrior Mom Mothers DayP I NI M A G E


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Little David, I love that you know what you like, long legs sprawled out. You surely know how to relax!  you’re the most content, happy guy. You were perfectly wonderful for me while I took in all your precious details. I especially love your little puckered kissy lips! Anytime you want to come over, hang out and share some cuddles + photos, my door is open!

Enjoy a handful of my favorites from David’s newborn session ♥

David-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-1P I NI M A G EDavid-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-2P I NI M A G EDavid-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-3P I NI M A G EDavid-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-4P I NI M A G EDavid-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-5P I NI M A G EDavid-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-6P I NI M A G EDavid-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-7P I NI M A G EDavid-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-8P I NI M A G EDavid-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-9P I NI M A G EDavid-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-10P I NI M A G EDavid-Bakersfield-Newborn-Photographer-11P I NI M A G E

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