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Fall is absolutely my favorite season for family sessions. The weather here is finally starting to cool off & the colors are changing. I loved photographing this sweet family so much. Their love flowed so easily together & oh my gosh, those kiddos! I’m pretty sure I’ve never met another child more well-behaved than these two. Best of all, Tracy is also a photographer in Bakersfield & found me through my favorite photography forum home, Clickin’ Moms!

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Oh Gideon, you sweet handsome hunk of a little man. I’ve anticipated your session from the moment your momma told me of your existence! And because you’re born to such an awesome family, of course you played it cool because, duh. If big brother could do it, of course you could too! that’s two for two, for the Johnston clan ♥

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of photographing both maternity sessions, newborn sessions & a few in-between sessions for this family and I love them to pieces. They just moved halfway across the country and I already miss them and the super sweet moments they welcomed me in to photograph. ::cries::

and seriously, I ask every guy to kiss his lady like this. This guy? Makes me all sappy every single time. It’s like every bit of his love just radiates right to her. Oh my heart!

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Oh fall, you’re here! We only get a short few weeks with the gorgeous fall colors & falling leaves, but I welcome it with wide open arms every year. I love that the season brings beautiful weather with it too. Perfect for bundling up during your family session.

I love a family with an open heart for letting their kiddos have fun & explore. Children usually run the show, so when we let this little guy have at it, we all had fun & shared lots of laughs! Little man brought along a toy bear who he took exploring the leaves & secret hiding spots while sweet little lady won me over with her beautiful bright eyes and smirky smiles ♥

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Jason & Elena were married October 11th 2014 at Our Lady of Guadalupe followed by a beautiful reception at JC’s Place Venue in Downtown Bakersfield.

We met these two in February last year for their consultation and quickly fell in love with their playful personalities ♥ Something I’ll never forget is how they warned us of their awkwardness in front of the camera while we scheduled their engagement session. Which sent me into planning mode, how to break the ice ideas, how to make things easy etc… except it everything I planned went out the window because they’re so easy to talk to and laugh with. The same feeling flowed right through to their wedding day. Surrounded by the love of their family and friends, they joined together into forever after ♥

Jason & Elena, we wish many years of love and laughter, and maybe even a little awkwardness in your marriage ;) Thank you for inviting us to share your day with you!

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“The hills were alive with wildflowers
And I was as wild, even wilder than they
For at least I could run, they just died in the sun
And I refused to just wither in place”
– Dolly Parton

Every now and then I have a creative bug that bites hard and I need the freedom to just let it flow. No rules or requirements. I loved working with you Melissa! Your free spirited, beautiful personality is exactly what I needed in front of my camera ♥

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