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After every newborn session, I feel incredibly overwhelmed with so much love. Like I’m the luckiest lady in all the land. I get to cuddle all these scrumptious babies that these wonderful parents bring over and trust me with. I get to rock & sway them, listen to their sweet quick breaths, love all their little details that were perfectly created that make up their unique little selves ♥

Riley, you are so precious baby girl. Your mommy & daddy are even luckier than I am because you’re theirs ♥ You were a perfect little lady for your session!

Riley-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-1P I NI M A G ERiley-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-2P I NI M A G ERiley-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-3P I NI M A G ERiley-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-4P I NI M A G ERiley-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-5P I NI M A G ERiley-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-6P I NI M A G ERiley-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-7P I NI M A G ERiley-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-8P I NI M A G ERiley-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-9P I NI M A G ERiley-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-10P I NI M A G ERiley-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-11P I NI M A G E

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Dearest sweet Sadie,

Baby girl, you’re a dream. You’re a perfect little butterball of everything girls are made of. Your wispy long lashes and the way you loved to curl your fingers. You are perfect, and everything I know your mom & dad dreamed of when they wished for you. I might have had a few tears when your mommy told me she was expecting you ♥  Thank you for a wonderful cuddly session beautiful girl!

Sadie-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-1P I NI M A G ESadie-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-2P I NI M A G ESadie-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-3P I NI M A G ESadie-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-4P I NI M A G ESadie-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-5P I NI M A G ESadie-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-6P I NI M A G ESadie-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-7P I NI M A G ESadie-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-8P I NI M A G ESadie-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-9P I NI M A G ESadie-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-10P I NI M A G ESadie-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-11P I NI M A G ESadie-Newborn-Photographer-Bakersfield-Jess-Cadena-12P I NI M A G E

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I’m so excited to share Tracy & Dee’s Engagement slash family session with you all! One of my favorite things about engagements & weddings is that I get to work with my lover. Which means things are usually weird because we’re awkward ducks who tell bad jokes, but I love it ♥

I came to this session with a need to go with the flow, following their natural connections & really just letting go feeling free. It was SO GOOD. So good. The wildflowers and open fields were gorgeous & this beautiful family was freaking amazing. I couldn’t dream of anything better! I mean, look! All this happened…. so much love ♥

Tracy & Dee, we cannot wait for your summer wedding. We hope these next few months fly by!

Griffith-Engagement-Photographer-Bakersfield-CA-1P I NI M A G EGriffith-Engagement-Photographer-Bakersfield-CA-2P I NI M A G EGriffith-Engagement-Photographer-Bakersfield-CA-3P I NI M A G EGriffith-Engagement-Photographer-Bakersfield-CA-4P I NI M A G EGriffith-Engagement-Photographer-Bakersfield-CA-5P I NI M A G EGriffith-Engagement-Photographer-Bakersfield-CA-6P I NI M A G EGriffith-Engagement-Photographer-Bakersfield-CA-7P I NI M A G EGriffith-Engagement-Photographer-Bakersfield-CA-8P I NI M A G EGriffith-Engagement-Photographer-Bakersfield-CA-9P I NI M A G EGriffith-Engagement-Photographer-Bakersfield-CA-10P I NI M A G EGriffith-Engagement-Photographer-Bakersfield-CA-11P I NI M A G EGriffith-Engagement-Photographer-Bakersfield-CA-12P I NI M A G EGriffith-Engagement-Photographer-Bakersfield-CA-13P I NI M A G EGriffith-Engagement-Photographer-Bakersfield-CA-14P I NI M A G EGriffith-Engagement-Photographer-Bakersfield-CA-15P I NI M A G EGriffith-Engagement-Photographer-Bakersfield-CA-16P I NI M A G E

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This beautiful couple is expecting their first little girl in March. You’ll get to see her pretty face once she’s arrived but first you get a peek into their sweet maternity session from January ♥

There is no one more beautiful than a woman enveloped in the glow of expectancy & I’m very much a sucker for dads loving on mom & her growing body ♥ A few of my favorites from their session:

Risso-Maternity-Session-Bakersfield-Ca-Jess-Cadena-Photography-1P I NI M A G ERisso-Maternity-Session-Bakersfield-Ca-Jess-Cadena-Photography-2P I NI M A G ERisso-Maternity-Session-Bakersfield-Ca-Jess-Cadena-Photography-3P I NI M A G ERisso-Maternity-Session-Bakersfield-Ca-Jess-Cadena-Photography-4P I NI M A G E

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So many congratulations to the two of you! I couldn’t wait for the two of you to get married. I knew your wedding would be a blast and you didn’t disappoint. Every detail you worked so hard on was absolutely beautiful. I loved hearing about your ideas come together through the year and finally seeing how amazing it all was on your wedding day.

Cody & Priscilla were married on November 22nd of 2014 at the Kern County Basque Club surrounded in love by their family & friends ♥

Lasater-Wedding-Jess-Cadena-Photography-Bakersfield-CA-1P I NI M A G ELasater-Wedding-Jess-Cadena-Photography-Bakersfield-CA-2P I NI M A G ELasater-Wedding-Jess-Cadena-Photography-Bakersfield-CA-3P I NI M A G ELasater-Wedding-Jess-Cadena-Photography-Bakersfield-CA-4P I NI M A G ELasater-Wedding-Jess-Cadena-Photography-Bakersfield-CA-5P I NI M A G ELasater-Wedding-Jess-Cadena-Photography-Bakersfield-CA-6P I NI M A G ELasater-Wedding-Jess-Cadena-Photography-Bakersfield-CA-7P I NI M A G ELasater-Wedding-Jess-Cadena-Photography-Bakersfield-CA-8P I NI M A G ELasater-Wedding-Jess-Cadena-Photography-Bakersfield-CA-9P I NI M A G ELasater-Wedding-Jess-Cadena-Photography-Bakersfield-CA-10P I NI M A G ELasater-Wedding-Jess-Cadena-Photography-Bakersfield-CA-11P I NI M A G E

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