I cannot even being to tell you just how excited I am for this growing family. The little lady Jeni is carrying has been dreamed of, very much loved before she was created. I know I can say with a large group of family & friends that we’re all so very ready to meet her in the next few weeks! At this moment though, I just want to show off my friend Jeni & her family ♥ Really though, doesn’t pregnancy just look good on her? All glowy & beautiful!

Maternity Photography Bakersfield-Jeni2
Maternity Photography Bakersfield-Jeni3
Maternity Photography Bakersfield-Jeni4
Maternity Photography Bakersfield-Jeni5
Maternity Photography Bakersfield-Jeni6


My husband and I have this saying of sorts and it rings true for us more times than I can count.

“If you make plans, count on them to be ruined.”

Which is pretty hard for me because I’m a planner. My calendar is my lifeline! Well, on this day, the rain attempted it’s very best at trying to ruin us, but we held out and we won. It literally (no, really) down poured right until we all pulled into location for Lina & Brady’s engagement session. The moment it stopped, we were greeted by the most beautiful light, bright sunshine peeking through glorious puffy gray clouds.

David and I have known Lina & Brady through the Bakersfield photography community for a few years now. We’ve had the pleasure of having Lina (and on occasion Brady too) in front of our cameras a few times. When they reached out to us last year during their wedding planning, we really couldn’t be more excited and happy to work with them. Lina is the sweetest, genuine soul I’ve ever met. She’s kind, generous and has a strong love of family. It makes you feel good just being around her. Brady is her perfect other half. I’m pretty sure his life’s ambition is to make her happy & soak in her laughter because he’s really great at it. These two make it so easy to fall in love with love!

Lina & Brady, we’re so happy to see you two start a new chapter in your love story ♥

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer Jess Cadena - Lina + Brady-1

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer Jess Cadena - Lina + Brady-2

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer Jess Cadena - Lina + Brady-3


Have you ever been so completely happy for someone else that you felt like your own heart was going to burst? That’s pretty much exactly what I feel when I think of Nathan & Rochelle ♥ I’m only just getting to know Nathan, but Rochelle has been in our lives for a while now and right now I cannot get over just how happy I am for these two!

We’re so excited to be able to stand beside you as you make your vows to each other in just a few months!



I had one goal for the year 2013, and that was for it to knock my socks off. That it did ♥ Just like everyone else at the end of the year, I sit back and feel so gracious for all the beautiful people I’ve met, worked with, made friends with. Thank you for making this year exactly what I dreamed of. Here’s to a wonderful year, and blessings for the new one!

♥ Jess Cadena



Heroic little Christopher, I’ve cuddled you twice now. Both times you were a tiny little sleepy ball of perfect in the palms of my hands ♥ I never ask much of my newborn models, except to let me get my snuggles in and that you did.

The Amazing Adventures of Little Man of Steel: