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Oh The Johnston’s ♥ They’re pretty amazing people and I love them even more every time I see them. They’re welcoming a baby boy to their family this month, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to be amazing. Especially if he’s anything like his big brother Jasper.

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The Blaylock’s have a surprise!

They’re adding to the family, and big sister Madison is SO excited to have a little brother ♥

Sara my friend, pregnancy looks amazing on you. I’m so excited and happy for the four of you! I cannot wait to meet your little man ♥ And goodness, Maddy is going to be one heck of an awesome big sister.

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Lina & Brady were married on August 24th in beautiful Santa Barbara at the Fess Parker Hotel. We had a wonderful time photographing two people in love on a gorgeous, warm day full of excitement & emotion.

David and I met Lina & Brady through the Bakersfield photography community about 3 years ago (whoa, doesn’t even feel so long ago!), and I specifically remember a night after David wrapped up a session with them. He came home, unpacked his gear and said something like “those two, they’ll be married. They’re so good together.” It’s likely they knew that at that point already, it’s pretty amazing to have a love so beautiful that the world around you feels it too.

Lina & Brady, we loved every moment of your wedding day! Looking back at how much love you were surrounded by, everyone was so full of love and happiness for the both of you. Your families, your friends. Photographers condition themselves to wait for these moments, when love is shared, memories are made. It was endless love the entire day. We are so happy for the two of you!

I’m so excited to share just a small bit of their wedding day with you ♥

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Sweet Lily, you are a dream baby. You slept like a champion, curled perfectly into each pose and goodness those smiles! You’re also currently the record holder for least amount of soiled blankets during a newborn session, which was zero. Pretty unheard of, but my laundry pile thanks you for that ;)

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Forgive me if I get a little sappy, I’ll try not to :) I first photographed this family last year when it was just the three of them. I loved them immediately, they’re easy to talk to, flow beautifully together, and really fun to photograph.

This year she announced that they were welcoming a sweet baby girl and we marked a date for her future due date. Unfortunately, this beautiful family moved far north and I won’t be with them when baby girl is born. So we exchange new baby goodness for a summer maternity session. I wish you so much joy in welcoming your baby girl in the next few weeks!

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The first time I photographed the Norris Family was in the late summer of 2013. Only a year before this, but goodness how they’ve changed… well mostly that sweet girl of theirs ♥ Seeing these little people grow up into courageous toddlers and giggly children is probably one of my favorite things about seeing families again!

I had so much fun adventuring around, cursing the heat and exploring the wild kitty farm… I mean Hart Park with you guys. Give my BFF some lovin’ for me ♥

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