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Dear Abby

Dear Abby,

     My princess dress up, makeup loving, dirty finger nailed, girly tom-boy. You’re my littlest. My baby. My snuggling, lovable hug and kisser. The one who cries to sad movies with me (Frozen) and makes me laugh when I can hardly muster up a smile. You are my sunshine baby. The girl who lights up my life. I’m so glad you’re mine. You’ll be six in just a few weeks from today. It makes me sad that we’re saying goodbye to so many special milestones in your life. How did we get through them all so quickly? But it also makes me smile to see the beautiful girl you’ve grown into over the last year. Watching just how much you’ve pushed yourself to overcome tough spots in school. Your don’t give up easy. I hope that’s a quality you keep always. My sweet silly girl, I can’t wait to celebrate you on your birthday.

Love you mostest,
♥ Momma

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