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Family Photographer, Bakersfield CA ⎪Prevost Family

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons of the year. I love the rich colors and feeling that can be portrayed just from the light outside. When I met with the Prevost Family for their session, we were betting against the rain. The clouds were in and out, it was starting to get windy and we finished up just before the rain came down.

When we met up to move to our location, mom and I were chatting and I had thought she said their daughter was just a few months old. We pulled up and this gorgeous little lady presented herself and I was so confused! I openly admit to my blondism! She’s obviously too grown up to be an infant, haha! She wasn’t too interested in me, but I learned that she loves to dance, loves to explore and she’s an awesome climber! This is probably my favorite times of toddler years. Seeing these little people discover and grow into their personalities, it’s so special!

Many thanks to you three for courageously going against the will of mother nature and her rain!

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