Hey there! I’m Jess Cadena, thanks so much for visiting. I’ve documented my life and family through photography for five years, and have had the joy of photographing several weddings & families in and around Bakersfield, CA since 2010.

 So… this is me. I’m 98% dorkasaurus + 2% composure. I’m married to a man who is equally as dorky-fun-awesome as I am and loves photographing people just as much as me. Match made in heaven? Mmhm! We have two children, Bradley & Abigail and three very spoiled dogs. My journey began with my family and continues with you. I love documenting life just as it is. Organic. Beautiful. Most of all, honestly. I’d love it if you welcomed me into your life to photograph the people and moments that mean the most to you!

A few things you should know about me:

∙Chronic over-user of exclamation points!!! It’s not that I’m super excited (okay, I’m excited!). I just feel so monotone in my type otherwise. That’s weird right? :)
∙T-shirt and jeans kinda gal here. Or sweatpants.
∙I have zero grace. When I fall, I fall hard. Don’t panic I’m pretty used to it ;)
∙I’m so in love with LOVE. It’s exactly what I want to photograph ♥
•Awkward chit chat? I’m the master of it. So all those weird feelings of being nervous you might have? I promise I have them too ♥

I’m a proud member of the Clickin’ Moms photography forum. It’s a wonderful place to learn and make friends with others in the photography community! If you have the burning passion for photography please come over & join us, we have a lot of fun!

{My family photos courtesy of Erin Pasillas Photography}