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My hopes for you | Letters to my children

Sometimes I’ll sit quietly listening to the two of you talk together. You’ll argue, talk about the things you both love, argue a bit more. And the truth is sometimes while I’m listening I’m dreaming of your sibling friendship years down the road. Will you still be inseparable? Will you still argue over who’s faster, smarter, better? Will you call home from school asking to come home when you realize the other has come home sick, because you miss them? Will you tell me how much you absolutely dislike the other, and will I find you moments later cuddled up together sharing a book, forgetting how mad you were not minutes ago?

I usually don’t interrupt your moments together, even when the bickering is getting out of hand. I think it’s an important part of a sibling relationship and I hope so much that you both carry this bond you’ve created long into adulthood. I hope that the little things still excite you so much that you cannot wait to tell the other, because you know just how excited the other will be too. I see little glimpses of your future as brother and sister and I have so many hopes for the both of you ♥ The whole world is ahead of you, I hope that you have each other to experience it with.
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